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Welcome to Verge, a new communications organization whose core mission is to create positive change. Our clients are individuals, small businesses, community and social organizations, unions and activists.

In today’s busy media world, you need to stand out. While using attention grabbing visuals, along with traditional and digital communication tools is important, having a close working relationship with our clients is really the key.

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Jason Alward

Originally from Moncton, New Brunswick Jason Alward developed an interest in visual communication early on. To advance his knowledge he attended the Visual Communications course at Holland College in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Taking this base education in graphic design, he expanded it beyond print to include web, multimedia, video and audio production.

In his early career, he worked with both small and large advertising agencies including BBDO and Grey. Additionally in 2003, he started Verge Communications as a way to work on preferred, targeted projects and clientele across Canada...

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...It was in 2010 Jason entered the world of social and labour rights activism. From 2011 to 2016, he was the graphic artist for the Ontario Public Service Employees Union providing print, web, and social media services for it’s 140,000 members. A key project collaboration during this time was the Made In The USA documentary. Some say it was a key element that resulted in Tim Hudak’s right-to-work policy reversal in the 2014 Ontario provincial election.

A three time Canadian Association of Labour Media award winner, he brings that community-based, social-activism spirit and experience, forward as the core mandate of a relaunched Verge Communications in 2017. Since then Verge has been fortunate to work with such clients as CUPE, TEIBAS, Salty Publications and Victoria, BC’s 2018 Capital City Comic Con.


Rosalind Gunn

Roz was born and raised in Kitchener, Ontario (on the playground really is where she spent most of her days--is this reference dead yet...?). When not being burned by the poorly-engineered plastic slide, or pinching her fingers in the chains suspending the swings, she was always writing and reading. An avid L.M. Montgomery fan, those early writings now make her blush.

Writing and reading continued to be a large part of Roz’s life. While she completed her honours degree at the University of Waterloo in English Literature/Rhetoric, with a double minor in Political Science, she worked at the university newspaper, the Imprint...

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...She spent four years in the Imprint office--sometimes even sleeping there when deadlines loomed--as proofreader, reporter, section editor, and then senior staff reporter. Two of her articles won Best Article of the Term.

Professionally, Roz has stayed in the realm of writing and communications. She taught in the Department of Communications at George Brown College for three years, teaching on topics ranging from persuasion, to research, to understanding the importance of audience and tone. An ardent activist, with a passion for the labour movement, Roz eventually went on to work at the union that represented her as a professor, taking on a contract position as a communications officer for the Ontario Public Service Employees Union. There, she was able to dive into all aspects of marketing and communications: writing news releases, speeches, flyers, and informational documents, as well as being involved with design, layout, and video productions. Of course, all of this work was done with the goal of furthering the rights of workers.

Roz is thrilled to be a part of the Verge Communications team, bringing you the highest calibre of communications along with some of the best design work in Canada.

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Branding is more than a logo. Your brand is your total expression of your business, organization or product. A consistent look showcases you and your message to the world.


A well executed campaign through print, digital and video can affect change, build a following and generate prosperity.


The backbone of your project is it's creativity. We take the time to cater the presentation to you, while making you stand out in a fast-paced media landscape.


Having the right text to accompany the visual can generate interest. Verge can provide the words needed to bolster your next project.


An ever-present item in our daily lives, digital is a key tool in letting people know about your project. Let us help you promote your message on all digital platforms.

Video Production

Video is a powerful tool to get the attention of your social media viewers. Verge has both 4k filming and editing tools to help add that extra element to your messaging.

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